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Glassmaking technique unchanged since ages is about to be forgotten with the times.
We want to keep protecting that beauty of “original” glass made by skilled craftsmen.
We gathered that feelings to make it happen.

The most suitable for souvenir or gift.

One more way of enjoying Taisho glass is that you can order your favorite motif.
It is a service of semi-order.
You can specify whatever you wish, for example “Goldfish” to rock glass, “Flowers” to ice tea glass, “Horses” to your sake bottle etc.
It is also possible to have a name on it, so there is no better souvenir or gift than others.
Within the country, it takes 3 to 4 weeks from making an order to deliver it to your home.
Waiting time may be also on of the pleasures.

* For shopping or semi-order
“Maruni Novelty Studio”
9 Minase-cho, Seto City Aichi JAPAN

* Inquiry by e-mail

Example of order:

“Japan’s wildflowers” on tumbler glass (small)
-Wheat, buckwheat, cosmos, maple, cherry blossoms, -etc.
(Photo 1) (Photo 3 left and right)
from 4,725 yen

Platinum painting of “Fairy butterfly” on rock glass
(Photo 2)
from 10,500 yen

“Pine and sparrow” on long tumbler
(Photo 3 middle back)
8,925 yen

“Grapes” on wine glass
(Photo 4)
from 15,750 yen

We will try to respond to your requests.
※ Prices variy depending on the paintings.
※ Possible to name on it. We recommend for gifts.