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Glassmaking technique unchanged since ages is about to be forgotten with the times.
We want to keep protecting that beauty of “original” glass made by skilled craftsmen.
We gathered that feelings to make it happen.

Three attractive points


If you want to enjoy the Taisho glass, first try to gaze intently at empty glass without pouring any liquid into it.
When you hold the glass up to the light, you can see the thick-layered parts brighten up with amber.
You will be surely impressed by the beauty of the glass as a material.
You can find the difference between Taisho glass and other glasses by the sound.
Try to tap it lightly with for example metal spoon, and you will hear highly clear sound, very pleasant for ears.
After gazing you will know that it is too good to just exhibit it. Pour your favorite drink and take your time in tasting it. You will be satisfied spending some luxurious time, different from usual.



Taisho glass −[Wind (kaze)] series with beautiful paintings made by skilled craftsmen.
The paintings are a series with flowers like Japanese four seasons’ motif or familiar wildflowers such as wheat, buckwheat, gentian and cocmos.
These paintings of delicate and skillful technique can be seen through from inner side thanks to the transparent material. Naturally, there can be no paint irregularity.
It is a real skilled work of art.

You can make semi-orders with your favorite motif (painting) for souvenir or gift.


Taisho glass is not a mass product. Each one is a hand made work.
Paintings on it are also hand made paintings. So it is not a product, it is an unique piece of work.
Shape variations:
Pilsner glass
Tumbler glass (big) (diameter 80mm, height 155mm, volume 450ml)
Tumbler glass (small) (diameter 80mm, height 155mm, volume 450ml)
Rock glass (diameter 80mm, height 90mm, volume 260ml)
Wine glass
Set of sake bottle and cups
Ice tea glass